So you are looking to buy a Siamese kitten. Where do I buy a healthy playful kitten that will integrate into my family? I have thirty years of experience as a Siamese cat breeder who is now residing in Wisconsin. The CFA registered Siamese come in four colors only: seal points, chocolate points, blue points and lilac points. I have all these colors at various times.

What are the benefits of owning a Siamese cat or kitten?

· Siamese cats provide unconditional love to their humans.

· A Siamese kitten is an entertainment committee of one--two kittens double it.

· Siamese are called "Little people in fur coats" because of the way they interact and talk with their humans.

· Siamese cats know when you are sick, they want to comfort you and will not leave your side.

· A Siamese is always available to "help" you do things.

Siamese cats cannot be explained, they must be experienced. Their qualities are unique to the breed. If you are looking for a cat that will interact with the whole family, a Siamese kitten is the right choice.

How is this kitten raised?

All kittens are cage raised for safety reasons. Cages are large with cat trees and plenty of toys.

Are the premises clean?

· Clean is the magic word. Kittens must be kept clean to be healthy. Maintenance is daily and takes time and effort but this is my only job.

· Ultra violet lights, air cleaners and exhaust fans keep pathogens and odors at bay.

Are they inbred?

To avoid inbreeding, it is essential to keep several unrelated males. This is a problem for many breeders as male Siamese cats are high maintenance. All my kittens have unrelated parents.

Can I see the parents and the facility?

You are welcome to visit and see my facility and all the cats. Parents of kittens are available to be seen. I have a professional cattery with special lighting, large windows, kitchenette, and laundry.

What if I have a problem after getting the kitten?

I will be a resource person for you. All problems have solutions and we can work them out together. It is as important for me to know that my kitten is happy and healthy as it is for you.

What about vaccinations?

It is very important that your kitten/cat receives the proper care. You are the guardian to provide wise care and protect the kitten/cat from unsound veterinarian practices. This is a MUST READ website by Dr. Lisa Pierson: It is important that you do not permit these procedures:

· you have the kitten vaccinated with more than 1 three way modified live vaccine after 6 months old or any four way or any killed vaccine.

· you have kitten vaccinated for FeLV or FIP.

· you have kitten vaccinated with a Rabies vaccine other than Merial Purevax.

· you have a Rabies vaccine and/or three way vaccine administered at the same time or at time of surgery

Also check these websites: Can vaccines be harmful? Has your vet told you this about vaccines?

What is included with the purchase of one of your Siamese kittens?

All kittens are wormed and go with CFA registrations papers, a health guarantee and feeding instructions. Read my contract and deposit form which will reserve a kitten for you.

Where are you located?

We are located in Northern Wisconsin, about 4 hours north of Madison, 3 1/2 hours east of the Twin Cities, about six hours from Chicago, Illinois and about 4 hours from Duluth, Minnesota.

What should the kitten be fed?

This is the food we feed.

Feeding and care are important issues. We need to understand that a Siamese, as well as all breeds, is an obligate carnivore that requires meat, preferably raw. The natural food for a cat is a mouse and I never knew a Siamese that cooked its mice. They do not naturally eat cereal grains, fruits or vegetables, and while the Siamese think they are people, they are designed by their Creator to eat differently than we do. Commercial pet food manufacturers gear their sales pitch to what appeals to the human appetite by adding grains, fruits, berries and veggies that also act as fillers and are less expensive than real meat. No respectable Siamese will naturally eat such food so a little meat is added as an appetite enhancer. The food often contains toxic preservatives to lengthen shelf life. Their food labels have a long list of unpronounceable chemicals.

Research has been able to provide us with a balanced, raw human grade diet that keeps our Siamese healthy so they can live out a healthy, normal life span. All of my Siamese kittens are raised on a human grade raw meat diet that I make for them. They have sturdy, muscular bodies and glossy coats. This is the food we feed our cats and kittens. The raw meat diet is easy to make, and much less expensive than commercial canned food, the quality of which can be questionable. I know many people feel they don't have time to do this, but two hours of your time can provide food for your Siamese baby for a month. There are also non-grain dry foods available, but it is important to read the ingredient label to check the percentage of protein as well as the calorie count. Full feeding instructions are given to all my kitten buyers. For additional information regarding feeding raw meat, vaccines, and a dry food comparison chart, go to This site provides a wealth of information that I have not touched upon.